Ancestries take the part that in (older) traditional TTRPGs would be called races. They give some basic information on species, but also on culture and general background. Most of it is, though, not mandatory (a non-standard Dwarf may be interesting, precisely because they are a non-standard Dwarf).

To have an idea on how the different people’s and most common ancestries relate to each other, check the peoples of Rûl page.

Basic ancestries

The basic ancestries (basically those of the core book and the Demon Lord’s Compendium, and which will fit in almost any campaign with little problem) are the following:

Normal humanoids

For a very wide definition of normal.


  • Core:11

Immensely diverse from all cultures (and appearances), they are the most common and dominant people in most of the (known) world. You have a good idea of what they are unless you’re an alien. Then the discussion can be a bit different though.


  • Core:15

Animate machines with mortal souls attached. Can have lots of different forms and basic functions.


  • Core:17, specially good warriors & priests

Hairy and small, they lust for gold and remember old affronts for a loooong time.


  • Core:21, bred for battle and good rogues too

Created by Empire magicians a long time ago to build a big chunk of the Empire’s armies. Most know how to solve their problems, and it’s with a fist or a sword.


  • DLC:7, rogues & priests

Small and lucky, they share space with the humans and are great farmers for the most part.


  • Core:13, specially good at magic and rogue-ing.

Creatures awoken by fairy magic to hide their deeds, they can steal other people’s identities.


  • Core:19, specially good at magic and rogue-ing

Goblins where expelled from fairy society in the past for some affront most don’t remember. They live well among humans as they like doing jobs post people won’t do gladly, but they tend to be filthy and a tad malicious. They can look lots of different ways, but do have lots of diversity there - more than humans even!


  • DLC:5, magicians or rogues

Afraid of most things, outcasts everywhere, they are the off-spring of fairies and humans. With no place to really call home, always on the sidelines. They have goat legs and horns (usually not long, though).