Since a few months ago Reddit has decided that they want to control your actions/annoy/control your attention1 even more. If you try to open an image hosted with them, the image itself won’t just open, but a full web page will open with styled header and footer.

That is, if you go to a Reddit photo link like (this is a real link, if you click it you can experience what I explain in the post, but also will be registered by Reddit2), instead of loading the photo itself, which is how browsers/internet would normally work, it redirects to another page that has the photo in the middle.

Apart from that itself is quite hostile and a bad practice, as it usually happens, this also has consequences. If you want to open the image to check on it, zoom on it to a specific level (but not full zoom) or other things, you may be hindered or it may be impossible.

If you use Firefox there’s an extension that may help. For Chrome, there’s apparently another one, although I don’t know if that works with other Chromium-based browsers.

  1. Choose 3 of the options. ↩︎

  2. To add to the complains in this article, in some situations the page that opens will say that the image is deleted, even if it’s not. ↩︎