Hostile Anti-User Practice: Reddit's image "viewer"

Since a few months ago Reddit has decided that they want to control your actions/annoy/control your attention1 even more. If you try to open an image hosted with them, the image itself won’t just open, but a full web page will open with styled header and footer. That is, if you go to a Reddit photo link like (this is a real link, if you click it you can experience what I explain in the post, but also will be registered by Reddit2), instead of loading the photo itself, which is how browsers/internet would normally work, it redirects to another page that has the photo in the middle....

2023-08-14 · 2 min · 220 words · Abby Henríquez Tejera


Book review

2023-04-12 · 3 min · 581 words · Abby Henríquez Tejera

Red Rising

Book review

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2022-10-31 I'm leaving my current job

Why I’m leaving my current job and what comes later

2022-10-31 · 3 min · 598 words · Abby Henríquez Tejera

Instagram videos

Instagram videos appear designed to annoy me: ...

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