Privacy & data usage

No data is collected in this page directly (yep, no tracking, analytics or whatever). As a hosting provider, Netlify does have access to a tiny bit of information that they do store. It’s not much and can be checked on their privacy and GDPR pages. Basically, from visitors they get the access logs (which pages a specific IP visits and when; I am, though, not a lawyer).

2022-10-09 · 1 min · 67 words · Abby Henríquez Tejera


You can contact me through the following possible places/means: github gitlab mastodon linkedin

2023-08-15 · (originally pub. 2022-10-09) · 1 min · 14 words · Abby Henríquez Tejera


This site itself is hosted with Netlify, whereas the code repo is on Gitlab. It’s written and built using Hugo, PaperMod Theme, Doom Emacs and among others ox-hugo (and org-mode of course).

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